Saturday 24 October 2015

The best bites in Perth


Although I was only in Perth for three nights, I did manage to venture to one or two (or six) blogpost-worthy cafes and restaurants, thanks to a number of wonderful suggestions from friends and family.

Here, I've listed my top six spots to grab a meal - two for brunch, two for lunch and two for dinner.

For brunch


Located in Subiaco, this small cafe was just the spot we needed before we set off on our three hour drive to Margaret River.  As is the case most often when I go out for brunch, I ordered the pancakes - to be precise, the hotcakes with ricotta, pure maple, oat crumble, fresh raspberries, strawberries and caramel double cream. This was more like one giant cake cooked in a pan, rather than a few small hotcakes (even I couldn't finish it), but it was incredibly delicious.

Dave opted for a savoury option - the "mushrooms of the forest" - abalone, king oyster, swiss brown and shitake mushrooms sauteed in a brown butter topped with poached eggs served on sourdough. The cleanliness of his plate after we'd finished said it all.

La Veen

On my final morning in Perth (after a week of pancakes, brownies, caramel slices, wine, cheese, meats...the list goes on), I was in the mood for a bit of a lighter, healthier breakfast. I stumbled upon La Veen, a cafe that was only a couple of hundred metres from our hotel in Northbridge. I ordered the muesli served with sunflower kernels, macadamia nuts, berries, coconut-infused yoghurt, honey and milk which was a delicious option for a lighter breakfast. It's definitely worth getting a coffee there as well (and not just for the latte art).

For lunch

Little Creatures Brewery

Little Creatures Brewery is located in Fremantle, which was about a half hour drive away from where we were staying in the CBD, so we dropped by here for lunch on our way back from Margaret River. Dave and I decided to get a few things to share, including the mushroom, olive, mozzarella and anchovy pizza; the charred corn cobs with chipotle; and the beef nachos with capsicum, guacamole and jalapenos.

The Greenhouse

I had been recommended The Greenhouse for brunch, however one day when I was exploring the city and getting a little peckish, I realised I was only a block away from The Greenhouse so figured that I may as well try it for lunch. I ordered the red quinoa, bean, preserved lemon, almond and sherry vinigarette salad, as well as their housemade lemonade with honey and syrup. This combination was the perfect, refreshing meal for a hot day.

For dinner


A few friends had recommended that we visit Bivouac, and I'm very glad I listened to them. I won't lie - it is pretty hipster, but that's not a bad thing when it comes to the search for great food.  Dave and I shared a few dishes - the jewelled burghul tabbouleh with preserved lemon, date, coriander, pomegranate and pistachio; the za'atar roasted sweet potato with chilli yoghurt, coriander sauce and nigella seed; and the slaughterman's gnocchi with beef cheek, pine nut & orange gremolata and grana padano parmesan (I told you it was hipster). We were pretty stuffed by the end of this - sadly too full to try their baklava or turkish delight.

The Blue Duck

On our final night out, we drove to Cottlesoe (about 15 minutes out of the CBD) to The Blue Duck, a restaurant on the water with stunning views of the sunset. Starting off with a mojito, we then ordered a few share plates - the mini tom yum tacos; the baby carrots with broad beans, horseradish cream and toasted almonds; and the Blue Duck taste plate, which came with corn fritters, squid, chicken salad, pork belly, sourdough and dips. While this is more of a casual, family-style restaurant, it was definitely worth visiting for the stunning water views and the fresh seafood (not to mention its name!).

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