Saturday 7 November 2015

Beer (or cider) and burgers


Towards the end of last week, when our weekly groceries were running pretty low, we decided to head out for dinner to a local burger restaurant - Abby's Beer and Burgers. Yes, we could have used up the chicken and the few veggies that were sitting at the bottom of the fridge, but when you are tempted by the thought of burgers, the burgers usually win.

Abby's Beer and Burgers is a small burger restaurant located in St Ives. Luckily when we went, there weren't many other people in the restaurant so we could easily grab a seat (the indoor space is quite small, so at busy periods, it can be hard to find a table).

I opted for the Classic Beef Burger, along with a glass of cider, while Dave went for the Lamb Burger and a beer.  We also ordered a side of fries to share, which arrived in a cute, mini frying basket.

The thing I love about Abby's burgers is that they are never too greasy and the ingredients are very fresh.  The Classic Beef Burger, served with a wagyu beef pattie, aioli, lettuce, tomato, gerkhins, Spanish onion and barbeque sauce, contained the perfect mix of flavours.  The only alteration I might have made would be to add a nice slice of melted cheddar on top of the pattie, but apart from that, I had no complaints.

Dave was also very satisfied with his choice of the Lamb Burger, which came with lamb, tomato, Spanish onion, olives, cucumber, lettuce, feta cheese and mint yoghurt.

It was definitely the right decision for a cold, rainy evening.

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