Thursday 3 December 2015

An evening out during a springtime heatwave


When it is 42 degrees outside on a Friday evening, there is no better way to spend the evening than with some good food and drink in an air-conditioned venue, right?

Well this is exactly what we did on that 42 degree day a couple of weeks ago.  Not wanting to slave over a hot stove or oven, we decided to head up to one of our local restaurants, The Far North.

Almost melting from the 2 minute walk up there, we were definitely ready for some chilled cocktails, and thankfully we arrived smack bang in the middle of happy hour ($10 cocktails = a big thumbs up). So, out came a Caprioska and a Vodka Martini.

The Far North's menu is structured around a "share platter" style, so we ordered a mixture of dishes, including the truffle fries with pecorino and herb mayo, the popcorn prawns with chipotle mayo and lemon, the wagyu beef meatballs with red pepper pesto and mozzarella gratin, and the honey sesame pulled pork with kimchi, coriander and iceberg leaf.

The truffle fries were so beautifully crunchy yet fluffy on the inside (almost as though the potato had been pureed beforehand); the popcorn prawns were tangy and not too oily; the meatballs had just the perfect amount of mozzarella gratin to balance out the beef flavour; while the pulled pork was sweet with the honey-infused flavours, yet refreshing with the iceberg leaf enclosing the filling.

Debating whether to order another savoury dish, we decided to leave it there, but each ordered a dessert. I opted for the "Chocolate Buzz" sundae - chocolate honeycomb icecream, honeycomb pieces and shortbread crumble, while Dave chose the "Go Nuts" sundae - peanut butter and pretzel icecream, peanut brittle and pretzels.

I have to say, I did have some food envy after tasting some of the "Go Nuts" with its caramelly and peanuty goodness, however the dark chocolate and honeycomb combination was a lovely way to end the meal.

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