Saturday 3 September 2016

Weekly farmers' markets in Launceston

One of my favourite things about living in Launceston is the weekly farmers' markets (Harvest Markets) that are held each Saturday morning. It has become a bit of a weekly ritual that each Saturday I'll wake up around 8 am and wander over to the markets, located only 10 minutes' walk from home, to pick up a range of fruits, vegetables, breads, pastries, cheeses, meats and seafood for the week ahead.

The more that we settle into life in Launceston, the more we realise how small this town really is, and that definitely shines through at the weekly markets. It is very rare that we head to the markets and don't run into one or two (or ten) people that we know. Every man and his dog flocks to the markets each week (quite of my favourite things to do is to pat all the pups that wait at the front gate for their owners to complete their weekly shop).

The stallholders can only run a stall if they are selling Tasmanian produce, so you know that you are getting the good stuff when you visit these markets.

There are a number of stalls that I have to visit on a pretty regular basis. My top 10 favourite stalls, and their 'must try' items, are:

1. Sandy's Sourdough - for their lemon curd (or jam) donuts and their multigrain sourdough loaf

2. Modo Mio Naked - for their salted caramel fudge brownies, chocolate and raspberry brownies, and their choc chip and quinoa cookies

3. Manu Bread - for their almond croissants (I never saw the appeal of almond croissants until I tried these)

4. Georgetown Seafoods - for their salmon cakes, and any of their fresh fish fillets

5.  Wonderlust - for their haloumi, rocket, pear chutney and aioli roll (if I feel like grabbing some brunch)

6. Meat Bread Cheese - for their haloumi and chorizo burger (if I feel like a meatier brunch)

7. Ritual coffee - for their Colombia or Argelia blend coffee beans

8. Sheffield Berries - for their raspberries (though sadly these are only available throughout the berry season, primarily during summer...come on December)

9. Mt Roland Free Range Eggs - for any of their eggs

10. Southern Sky Cheese Company - for their smoked haloumi or truffled cheddar.

Writing this list out has definitely made me realise how much I am going to miss these markets if/when we one day leave Launceston. Until then, I am definitely going to keep up this weekly routine.

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