Saturday 19 May 2018

The Lounge by Frogmore Creek

Just when we thought we had discovered all the major Hobart hot spots for dining out, a couple of weeks ago we wandered past The Lounge by Frogmore Creek, another incredible restaurant located on the waterfront in Hobart's CBD. It is located at the base of the Macq 01 Hotel and has incredible views over the water.

Frogmore Creek is a winery located in Cambridge, about 20 minutes outside of Hobart, and they now have this restaurant branch in the CBD. We headed there for dinner last Saturday night and upon arrival, we were led into the lounge area of the restaurant, which was a cozy, beautifully decorated area, with comfy couches and chairs to sit on while enjoying drinks and a meal.

After ordering a couple of cocktails, our waitress explained the menu to us, suggesting that we order a few of the delicate & light plates to share as a starter, before choosing a main each. We did just that, and decided to get the yellowtail kingfish sashimi with beetroot, celery, smoked yoghurt, soy and brown sugar vinaigrette; the spicy thai fish cakes with nam jim dressing and kewpie mayonnaise; the sundried tomato, spinach and feta wontons with sweet and sour dipping sauce; and the tataki of wagyu beef on mini steamed buns with soy and ginger glaze, pickled carrot, fresh Shima wasabi and potato croutons.

The presentation of each of the dishes was incredible, and each dish had its own unique flavours. The sashimi was incredibly fresh and the slightly smoked vinaigrette was a different yet delicious addition; the thai fish cakes were crispy and fragrant without being too spicy; the balance of the feta with the sweet and sour dipping sauce with the wontons was an excellent balance of flavours, and the wagyu beef was tender and not too heavy despite being served on mini steamed buns.

For the main course, we ordered the roasted loin and croquette of lamb served with smoked yoghurt and red onion jam; and the slow cooked pork belly with crispy pulled pork, cracking, carrot, apple truffled potato puree and five spice jus. We shared these two mains so that we could each try a bit of each dish, and again, the presentation was incredible, the meats were cooked perfectly and the mixture of flavours made for an excellent main course.

For dessert, Dave decided to get the more fruity option of the rhubarb mousse with apple tea cake and spiced cinnamon, while I couldn't go past the chocoholics dessert, which was a mixture of dark chocolate ice cream, chocolate truffles and crispy brittle shards. Both desserts were extremely delicious (particularly with a couple of glasses of dessert wine) and I would definitely return here just for that chocoholic dessert (it definitely lives up to its name).

The location of The Lounge, paired with the relaxed interiors and seating area, and the amazing food and drinks, makes this a restaurant that I am very pleased to have stumbled upon, and I'm sure it will be one that we'll be taking visitors to time and time again.

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