Saturday 6 April 2019

Another visit to Templo, Hobart

Even though I've previously written a review of Templo in Hobart, I wanted to write yet another positive review of this incredible, authentic Italian restaurant, after having dinner there again on Friday night.

Templo is a small restaurant that seats only 20 people, and given its popularity, it is essential to book a seat, particularly if you want to visit on a Friday or Saturday night. I made a booking earlier in the week, and was only able to get a reservation at the communal table, which had a bit more of a relaxed and open feel to it.

We arrived at 6pm and were immediately brought some fresh bread with olive oil and were asked what we would like to drink (we went for a bottle of chilled red - Rosso del Giorno), and this level of service was consistently excellent throughout the evening. The menu is written on a blackboard, and each item is very minimal in its description. You can choose to order individual dishes or the chef's menu. We decided to go with the chef's menu (eight share plate dishes selected by the chef), which I would definitely recommend, as there is something quite enjoyable about not being faced with the paradox of choice.

The first dish was the 'gnocco fritto', which was a small puffed doughy pillow, wrapped in fresh proscuitto, served with baby beetroot, pistachios and a creamy yet tangy sauce. Next up were the 'peppers, burrata' - two chargrilled red peppers with creamy burrata (which was almost ricotta-like in texture), drizzled with olive oil and topped with hazelnuts.
The third dish (one of my favourites of the evening) was the beautifully tender 'charred octopus', which was served with a fresh garlic and tomato sauce. The 'ravioli, squash' was up next (another favourite), which were large pillows filled with sweet squash mash, topped with parmesan and a salty, buttery sauce (we had to ask for extra bread at this stage, so that we could relish every morsel of that beautiful sauce).
The fifth dish was titled 'pork, anchovy', and came with thinly sliced pork on top of a creamy anchovy base, topped with olives and breadcrumbs. Next up was another pasta dish, the 'gnocchetti', which were incredibly fresh pieces of potato gnocchi served with mushrooms, pine nuts and parsley in a lemon dressing.

The final savoury dish was 'King dory, leeks' - a crispy, pan fried fillet of King dory accompanied with fried potatoes and finely chopped leeks. Last but not least was dessert - 'Sicilian apple cake', which was a slice of soft, moist cake made with fresh apples and drizzled with a custard sauce.
Dining at Templo really is a truly authentic Italian experience - simple dishes bursting with flavours, due to the incredibly fresh, local ingredients used by the chefs, all served by experienced, efficient and friendly waitstaff. For anyone who enjoys experiencing different dishes when dining out, rather than just sticking to a savoury and a sweet dish, Templo is definitely worth a visit - just make sure you book in advance and arrive with an empty stomach.

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