Saturday 5 October 2019

Hobart's top five baked goods

It's been nearly two years since we moved to Hobart, and over that period, I have tried and tested many baked goods. I have put a lot of thought into which cakes, donuts, slices, cookies and tarts have been my favourite, and I think I have finally narrowed down my top five must-try patisserie items (which are in no particular order). If you ever visit Hobart (or if you live here) and feel a sweet craving coming on, I'd recommend any (or all) of the below items to get your sugar fix.

1. Chocolate salted caramel donut, Small Fry

Small Fry, which is located on Bathurst St in the CBD, is known for their incredible donuts. There are usually quite a few flavours from which to choose, including mint slice, hot cinnamon, creme brulee, strawberries and cream and lemon meringue, however the stand out flavour for me is definitely the chocolate salted caramel donut. Coated in a rich layer of dark chocolate, these round donuts are generously filled with a salted caramel fudge. If you can wait to chow down on these until you get home, I recommend popping one in the microwave for 20 seconds so you can enjoy the warm caramel as it oozes out with each bite.

2. Lemon meringue tart, Pigeon Hole Bakers

Pigeon Hole Bakers has to be one of the best bakeries in town for incredibly fresh, tasty bread (my favourite is the rye and molasses loaf), however you can't visit Pigeon Hole without trying one of their lemon meringue tarts. These tarts are made of a fine, melt-in-your-mouth pastry tart, filled with the smoothest lemon curd, topped with a small amount of creamy meringue (not too much as to overpower the lemon flavour) and a small dark chocolate button to finish off the masterpiece. Even though I am generally more of a chocolate person when it comes to sweet treats, I cannot go past one of these tarts when I visit this bakery.

3. Lemon curd tart, Jackman and McRoss

Years ago when Dave and I visited Hobart on holidays, one of the bakeries that we would frequent most often was Jackman & McRoss. Their original store is located in Battery Point, however they have since expanded to New Town and Victoria St in the CBD. While there are a number of delicous items on offer here, I think my favourite has to be the lemon curd tart. This tart is more rustic than the finely made lemon meringue tart from Pigeon Hole, with its more crumbly base and casually placed topping, however the citrusy lemon curd filling is incredibly smooth and the perfect amount of tangy without being too sweet.

4. Raspberry and caramel crunch, Daci & Daci

Daci & Daci have two stores - one in the CBD, and one just north of the city in New Town - and boast an array of beautifully made tarts and cakes. While I have tried quite a few of their patisserie items, including the citrus curd tart, the chocolate concorde and the banoffee tart, my favourite by far is the raspberry and caramel crunch. This slice is made of milk chocolate and caramel mousse, milk caramel toffee, praline rice puffs, chocolate sponge and freeze dried raspberries, and I think the combination of the raspberries with the chocolate and caramel balances out the sweetness that often comes with chocolate mousse cakes. I have definitely lost count of how many times I have enjoyed this slice.

5. Choc mint and pistachio donut, Lady Hester

Last but certainly not least, Lady Hester is one of my favourite places to get donuts in Hobart. While they do have a shopfront in the CBD, they are only open on Friday mornings (from 10am until sold out), so the place that I tend to get my Lady Hester fix is at the Farmgate Markets on Sundays. I am yet to have tried a flavour that I did not like, however my favourite has to the the choc mint and pistachio flavour. These donuts are made with sourdough and are round, ball-like donuts filled with generous amounts of smooth, rich chocolate mint ganache, sprinkled with pistachios. Often, one of my pet peeves with filled donuts is the small filling-to-donut ratio, however this is not the case with Lady Hester donuts - you will not be disappointed with the lashings of flavour that come with a bite into one of these treats.

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