Saturday 9 November 2019

Dier Makr, Hobart

Dave and I have tried to hit up as many of Hobart's amazing restaurants as possible over the past couple of years, so I'm not too sure how it took us so long to discover Dier Makr, located on Collins St in Hobart's CBD. After reading an article about the top 10 places to eat in Tasmania, and seeing Dier Makr on the list, we knew we had to try this restaurant, and ended up heading there on a Friday evening after work.

Dier Makr is a trendy, intimate bistro that offers the same tasting menu for everyone in the restaurant (however if you have specific dietary requirements you can let them know and they will tailor the menu for you). Upon arriving, we were greeted by friendly waitstaff and taken to our seat overlooking the open kitchen area.

The menu is written on a large blackboard that lists a very simplified description of each course, keeping you guessing as to the finer details of what you will be eating throughout the night. Before our first course was served, our waiter suggested that we take a look at their walk-in cellar, where they offer an array of local and international wines (we decided to choose a bottle of Cotes du Rhone to go with our meal).

The various courses were described as 'potato', 'squid', 'celariac', 'pumpkin', 'radish', 'greens, oyster, shallot', 'carrot, hay, wattleseed', 'pork, sunchoke, koji' and 'polenta, brown tea'. However, despite these fairly simple descriptions, each course was incredibly detailed and beautifully presented, made with the freshest seasonal Tasmanian ingredients (the detail and elaborate nature of each dish can be seen in the photos below).

The thing I loved the most about Dier Makr was the balance of the laid-back, friendly, relaxed service, paired with such incredible dishes. Often in a restaurant like this, the service can be a bit pretentious, but we were able to chat and laugh with the staff throughout the evening as we watched them assemble the various dishes in front of us, which definitely did not compromise on quality, flavour or presentation. I would highly recommend a visit to Dier Makr to anyone looking for a welcoming, delicious and all-round enjoyable dinner in Hobart.

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