Friday 28 February 2020

A day trip to Bruny Island

It is often not until we have friends visiting us in Tasmania that we spend time exploring many of Tasmania's beautiful locations. Last weekend was no exception. My friend Davina came to stay with us for a few days, and as it was her first time in Tasmania, I wanted to take her to one of my favourite places in Tassie's south - Bruny Island.

We left home at around 9am on Sunday morning to get the 10am ferry from Kettering. Thankfully there weren't too many people waiting to board the ferry, so we were able to get on pretty smoothly. We arrived on the island at around 10:15am and headed to the first tourist spot on the island - the Bruny Island House of Whisky. The House of Whisky has a range of Tasmanian alcohol, including whiskys, gins, liqueurs and mulled wine. We decided to try a couple of the whiskeys and liqueurs and some mulled wine, enjoying a friendly chat with the staff given the quiet time of morning.

After purchasing some goodies, we headed off to our next stop - Get Shucked - the oyster store. While I do enjoy an oyster or two, I have never been one to order a dozen oysters at a time, so we decided to share a half dozen oysters which came with wasabi mayo, tomato vinigarette and an Asian slaw. The oysters were incredibly fresh and the dressings were the perfect pairing for each of the oysters. I haven't had many oysters in my time, but I would have to say these were some of the best that I have had.

After that, we drove down to one of my favourite spots on the island - the Bruny Island Cheese and Beer Co. We decided to share a couple of toasties as an early lunch - the ham and cheese, and the leek and mushroom, along with a glass of Josef Chromy sparkling wine each. The toasties were deliciously salty, cheesy, buttery and crispy and were just what we felt like before heading out for an afternoon on the water. We also picked up a couple of cheeses to take away from the store to enjoy later that evening.

Our next stop was the Bruny Island Chocolate Company. I remember trying the fudge from this store years ago when Dave came to Tasmania on a holiday with some friends, and it is still just as good now, 11 years later. My favourite is the caramel offcuts fudge - smooth, creamy and caramely with a layer of white chocolate on top.

We had booked in for a 1:30pm cruise at Adventure Bay with Bruny Island Cruises, so arrived there just after 1pm to get ready for the cruise. Despite it being a gloriously warm and sunny day, we took our down jackets and donned the waterproof jackets on the boat as the staff told us it would drop at least 10 degrees on the water, and they were not wrong. The cruise takes you along the southern coast of the island where you get magnificent views of the coastline and sheer cliff faces. We went into various inlets and beaches to view the stunning landscape, rock formations and caves. Towards the end of the tour, we were able to see a huge number of seals sunning themselves on the rocks, and were lucky enough to spend half an hour watching the dolphins swim along with the boat playfully. I would highly recommend doing this cruise if you ever find yourself on Bruny Island.

We got back to our car a bit before 5pm and drove north to the ferry terminal for our journey home. Unfortunately, most other people on the island had the same idea, so we had to wait about 2 hours to board the ferry (I would definitely recommend leaving earlier in the day if you want to avoid these queues!). We ended up getting home at around 8pm after a tiring but extremely fun-filled day on Bruny Island.

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