Saturday 29 August 2020

A day at Maria Island

    A few weeks ago, not long after the travel restrictions within Tasmania lifted, we decided to make the most of living in this beautiful state, and headed over to Maria Island for a day trip. It takes about 1.5 hours to drive from Hobart over to Triabunna, where the ferry to Maria Island departs each day. Due to the low tourism activity at the moment, there was just one ferry that departed Triabunna that morning (at 10am) and one ferry that arrived back at Triabunna in the afternoon (leaving Maria Island at 3:30pm), so we knew we wouldn't have too long to explore the island.

    After the 45 minute ferry trip, we arrived on the island a bit before 11am, where we were greeted by a number of friendly geese and wombats. We first headed to the bike hire 'shop' so that we could cover more terrain on wheels rather than on foot. We decided to head to the Fossil Cliffs first, and after getting caught in a bit of rain, the clouds rolled away and we were able to explore the beautiful Fossil Cliffs (with plenty of furry wombat friends saying hello along the way).

    We then decided to head south to the Painted Cliffs, an incredibly beautiful natural scene of colourful sandstone rocks that have eroded over millions of years. We parked our bikes and enjoyed our picnic lunch of tuna rolls and chocolate overlooking the stunning coastline. 

    After lunch, we were keen to ride further south towards the isthmus, however with only a couple of hours' left until the ferry's departure, we didn't want to risk being stranded on the island for the night, so we slowly rode back to Darlington where we dropped off the bikes. We then relaxed on the beachfront enjoying the beautiful scenery before hopping on the ferry at 3:30pm. 

    We would love to return to the island another time to explore more of this beautiful place, and to climb some of the stunning mountains, such as Bishop and Clerk or Mount Maria. Whether you are looking to venture to the island for a day trip, or stay overnight (either in the penitentiary accommodation or camping), the natural beauty of this place is well worth the visit.


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