Wednesday 30 September 2015

A blogpost-worthy burger (and fondant)


Living out in the suburbs, it's always a nice surprise to discover an amazing burger that one would expect only to find in Newtown or Surry Hills.  However, last Saturday night, I was very pleasantly surprised by this blogpost-worthy burger.

Located in North Turramurra, "The Garden Tap" is a casual bar adjoining the restaurant "The Cook's Garden". My husband and I headed there for a quick meal before he had to go to work (yes, there was a reason we were eating with all the children at 5:30pm on a Saturday night).

Now, I am quite the burger snob. This obsession with burgers has grown recently as more and more restaurants seem to be featuring this amazing item on their menus (I am certainly not complaining). Having consumed quite a few burgers in my time, I have developed rather specific preferences for the elements of the perfect burger. I am very pleased to say that Saturday night's "Classic burger" certainly ticked a lot of the boxes.

First of all, there was the incredibly soft bun that wasn't too sweet/brioche-like but also wasn't so toasted that it crumbles as soon as you take one bite.  Next, the wagyu patty was juicy, flavoursome and most importantly, did not contain any gristly bits (my number one pet peeve in a burger).  The accompaniments to the burger were amazing - onion, melted cheese (melted onto the patty - a big plus), pickles, tomato sauce, American mustard and mayo. And if those were not enough, the shoestring fries, in all their crispy, hot, salty goodness, really hit the spot.  Because let's face it - there really is no good burger without good fries.

We had both eyed off the dark chocolate fondant before dinner, but feeling quite full, we decided to make the healthy choice and just get one to share (you didn't really think we would pass on this did you?).

Described as the Callebaut Noir dark chocolate fondant served with salted caramel hazlenuts and vanilla bean ice cream, there was no way we were leaving without trying it. The soft inner centre oozing out, along with the vanilla bean ice cream (where you can actually see the beans - as opposed to the fake vanilla ice cream variety) and salted caramelised hazlenuts, was the perfect end to the meal.

If you are ever in the area and fancy a well-priced, comforting feed, then definitely head into The Garden Tap.

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