Tuesday 6 October 2015

My passion for surfing

Ever since I first learned to surf, I have absolutely loved the sport.  So, I thought I would share with you my top reasons for why I crave jumping in the ocean with my board whenever I can.

1. Time away from technology

These days, there are very few places you can go where you are completely separated from any form of technology. When I am surfing, there are no text messages, emails, notifications or calls trying to reach me. I instantly feel more relaxed as soon as I hit the water, knowing that whatever technological distractions I am so used to in everyday life are nowhere to be seen (even my Fitbit doesn't come with me into the water).

2. Alone time to clear your mind

When I'm in the water, even though there might be the occasional surfer saying a friendly hello, the majority of the time I am left to clear my mind while bobbing up and down on the waves.

3.  Health and fitness

Whenever I go for a surf after not having been for a few weeks, the next day I am always surprised at the soreness of my arm and shoulder muscles.  It is not only your upper body that gets a great workout from surfing, but it really is a full body workout, as you are constantly paddling around, trying to duck under a wave that is coming towards you or attempting to pop up onto your feet in time to catch the perfect wave. Not only that, but the salt water does wonders for healthy skin.

4. Time spent in nature

Sometimes when the waves aren't that great, I am still so happy that I took the time out to drive to the beach, as it is so relaxing just sitting on my board in the water and appreciating the beautiful nature around me.  I have seen some pretty incredible things in nature while surfing (including dolphins and more recently, a seal!).

5. The adrenaline rush when catching a wave

This has probably got to be my favourite thing about surfing. The feeling you get when you jump up on your board and you glide along the smooth face of the wave, as the ocean sprays on your cheeks, before leaping back into the water once the wave has ended - that feeling is why I keep going back into the water as often as I can.

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