Tuesday 15 September 2015

Top 10 meals from a recent trip to the US


In June/July this year, my husband and I ventured to the States for three weeks, visiting Las Vegas, New York, Washington DC, Chicago and Hawaii.  It will come as no surprise to many of you that dining out was a crucial aspect of this trip.

Given the many amazing cafes and restaurants that I came across, I thought I would share with you my top 10 meals in order of consumption (and yes, the majority were consumed in New York City, but is that really a surprise?):

1. Sushi at Japonais, Las Vegas

We ordered a selection of sushi at Japonais, none of which disappointed us. The salmon and prawn sushi (pictured below) was particularly incredible.

2. "La Tablita" Fajitas at Javier's, Las Vegas

Arguably the best fajitas I've ever consumed. Slow cooked pork, chicken, beef, multiple condiments, vegetables...amazing. Definitely more than enough for two.

3. Brioche french toast at Gemma's, NYC

Served with berry compote and marscarpone. This was the perfect meal to consume at 7:30am after stepping off an overnight flight from Vegas.

4. Avocado and feta toast at Sarabeth's (Central Park South), NYC

Beautifully soft ciabatta bread with mashed avocado and melt-in-your-mouth feta. The perfect accompaniment to people-watching on the Upper East Side.

5. Crunchy french toast with caramel sauce at Norma's, NYC

There are not many dishes that I have consumed that are so incredibly delicious yet due to the serving size, I am unable to get through it all.  This however was one of them. I did regret my failure to ask for a doggie bag to save the rest for later that afternoon.

6. Beef lasagne at Eataly, NYC

Despite arriving at 10:15pm, we still had to queue for a table at Eataly, but this lasagne was more than definitely worth it. I am salivating at the thought of it now.

7. Charred fillet of beef at Buddakan, NYC

This restaurant alone makes me want to move to NYC.  These were the most tender beef fillets I've ever consumed.  The wonton crisps and mustard sauce were the perfect sides to this dish.

8. Chocolate heaven at Buddakan, NYC 

Slightly misleading title as I can't remember exactly what this dessert was called, however, the title is quite accurate in that it was nothing other than heaven in chocolate form.

9. Fried smashed potatoes at the Purple Pig, Chicago

Salty, crunchy, crispy - the winning elements to a good bowl of fries. This variation of smashed potato pieces served with aioli was right on point.

10. "The regular" burger at the Gage, Chicago

I couldn't create a top 10 list of US foods without including a burger. With a choice of swiss, cheddar or blue cheese, an amazing beef patty and a soft bun, this burger was the best retreat from the cold, rainy, windy day outside.

For anyone heading to the US in the future, I hope this list can provide some inspiration, and for those of you who have other "must consume in America" meals, please do leave a comment below! I may just have to arrange for a future trip to the States...

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