Sunday 1 May 2016

A cozy dinner on a chilly evening

Last Friday night, a friend of ours was in town, so we decided to try out one of our local restaurants, Mudbar & Restaurant.

Autumn has truly hit Launceston now, and Friday night was no exception - it was a cold and rainy evening, so we were really in need of a cozy spot to shelter from the outside weather.

After perusing the menu for a few minutes, we decided to start with some 'arancini of the day' to share, served with dressed greens and lemon cheek. The pumpkin arancini were beautifully crispy, cheesy and salty, balanced well with the fresh salad - an excellent start to the meal.

Given the gloomy weather outside, I decided that it was definitely fitting to order the 4-hour slow cooked Hillside Park lamb with fresh tumeric, cumin-cori seed, spicy coconut, long beans and winter pumpkin.

The lamb was wonderfully tender, and the winter vegetables were the perfect accompaniment to the dish.

Even though we were quite full, our dessert stomachs were calling out to us, and I couldn't go past the deconstructed Lindt parfait with chocolate fudge, vanilla coddled cream and raspberry sugar.  The dark ganache, paired with the more subtly flavoured cream and the fruity sugar, was an amazing end to the meal.

I have no doubt that we will be back at Mudbar & Restaurant in no time at all (particularly since it is only a one or two minute walk from home...perfect for a lazy evening out).

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