Sunday 8 May 2016

My favourite cafes in Launceston

Over the past few months, I've done quite a bit of cafe-hopping in Launceston, primarily to prevent me from going stir-crazy while working from home by myself. I am definitely missing the social interaction of having others working around me, so I find that sitting in a cafe for a couple of hours at a time helps me to get my dose of human interaction. Even if I'm not actually talking to others in cafes, I find that having the hustle and bustle around me helps to keep me sane.

Below, I've summarised my top five favourite spots that are perfect for a morning with a coffee and my laptop.

1. Cocobean Chocolate

It probably comes as no surprise to my friends and family that a chocolate cafe makes an appearance on this list. Cocobean is quite a small space, which makes it all the more cozy on a chilly Tasmanian day. My go-to order is their hot chocolate, made with beautiful dark chocolate melted into steamed milk. I will often grab one or two of their individual handmade chocolates as well - the dark praline hedgehog and the Cocobean signature chocolate are a couple of my favourites.

2. Inside Cafe

This trendy cafe is always bustling with people having business meetings, friends catching up over a coffee or, like me, people working away by themselves.  Their coffee is probably one of the best that I have tried in Launceston (their mint hot chocolates are also pretty delicious), and their gift shop next door is definitely worth checking out.

3. M&B Bar

M&B Bar reminds me of the sort of cafe you'd find in Newtown or Bondi. Their large range of smoothies and juices, displayed on their front chalkboard, provide a lot of healthy choices if you're not necessarily after a caffeine hit. I am yet to try any of their organic cakes or slices, but they are definitely on the list of things I want to sample. I love that I can tuck myself away at one of the tables and work on my laptop without the distractions of the outside world.

4. Elaia Cafe

If I feel like walking a little bit further, I'll head off to Elaia Cafe, which is about 20 minutes from home. I would definitely recommend trying one of the homemade caramel slices with your coffee - the fudge-like caramel with the gooey chocolate ganache on top is worth every bite. I also love the fact that just a few shops along is The Pasta Merchant, where I can pick up some fresh, homemade spinach and ricotta ravioli or beef lasagne for dinner.

5. Blue Cafe Bar

If I want to head in the opposite direction from the city, I'll opt for the 10 minute walk to Blue Cafe Bar in Invermay. The coffee here is beautifully smooth, and the cafe stocks Manu Bread products, including the amazing almond croissants which I have purchased from the weekly Harvest Market. It is also nice working somewhere that is a bit further out from the CBD (if you can call a 10 minute walk 'further out'... though I guess you can in Launceston).

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