Saturday 25 June 2016

10-hour beef with red wine and mustard sauce

Whenever I dine out, I am always drawn towards ordering a 'slow-cooked item' if there is one on the menu, whether it be an amazing slow-cooked lamb shoulder, pulled pork or beef stew, but to be honest I haven't been all that adventurous with creating slow-cooked meals at home.

Last week at the farmers' markets, I decided to buy some beef to throw into the slow-cooker for a day. Without following any particular recipe, I created the below one, which really was incredibly easy, given that it is just a matter of chopping up a few items and throwing them into the slow-cooker.

You'll need:

- 1 kg cut of beef, trimmed (I used a cut of blade)
- 400g pumpkin, chopped (you can use any amount you like)
- A few handfuls of brussel sprouts
- 1 onion
- 2 carrots
- A good sprinkling of dried Italian herbs
- 3 tablespoons of wholegrain mustard
- 2 tablespoons of tomato paste
- 1-2 cups of red wine
- 1L water
- Salt and pepper
- Brown rice and a side salad, to serve

1. Start by chopping up all the vegetables (note that you can use any assortment of veggies you like - these were the ones that I just happened to have at home).

2. Turn on your slow cooker and add the beef, then surround it with the veggies.

3. Add in the mixed herbs, salt, pepper, water, red wine, tomato paste and mustard.

4. Increase the heat to medium-high, and once the liquid starts to boil, turn down to low.

5. Leave to cook for 10 hours, occasionally checking to make sure everything is ok.

6. You'll know that it is ready when you can insert a fork into the beef and turn it easily, resulting in a beautifully shredded meat. Shred the rest of the beef with the fork, so that you are left with tender, bite-size pieces.

7. Serve with some brown rice and a bit of salad, if desired.

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