Saturday 2 July 2016

A great spot for an all-day breakfast

Last week, Dave and I took advantage of the fact that he had a day off, so we headed out on my lunch break to a local cafe that I'd heard serves all-day breakfast. Breakfast is definitely my favourite meal of the day, so if there's ever a reason to consume breakfast twice in one day, I will definitely jump on that bandwagon.

QV Tower Cafe is only a 5 minute drive from our place, yet it still took us 6 months to discover this amazing cafe (however thanks to a bit of time spent trawling through Instagram the other day, I knew we had to check this place out).

This cafe boasts a menu full of healthy, locally sourced ingredients. It includes items such as smashed avocado on sourdough, three egg omelettes, super salads, 8 hour lamb and buckwheat hotcakes with berries and coconut yoghurt. As tempted as I was to order the sweet option of hotcakes, I decided to go with the smashed avocado toast with a poached egg, roasted mushrooms, goats cheese, black sesame seeds and herb emulsion, along with a chai latte. Dave chose the three egg omelette with roasted mushrooms, goats cheese, herbs, lemon and balsamic vinigarette, as well as a latte.

The best way to describe this meal is fresh, healthy and flavoursome. The plump mushrooms and citrus-smashed avocado, topped with a perfectly poached egg and creamy goats cheese, all piled onto a slice of locally baked sourdough, was an amazing combination for a Friday lunch.

On our way out, we couldn't resist picking up a couple of sweet options for dessert - a paleo 'drop dead' brownie and a citrus curd donut, both of which were a fantastic way to end the meal, and to give me a boost of energy for an afternoon of work ahead.

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