Saturday 17 December 2016

My current favourite working from home snacks

As someone who works from home, it can definitely be easy to reach for the nearest chocolate bar when I'm feeling peckish. So, over the past few months, I've come up with a few favourite snacks that I can grab or whip up in a couple of minutes. I'm definitely not the sort of person who can go from breakfast to lunch, or from lunch to dinner, without a snack in between. These snacks are all pretty healthy and definitely fill those hunger pangs at around 10am or 3pm each day.

1. Granola with greek yoghurt and berries

This is probably my favourite snack at the moment. I just pop some frozen raspberries or blueberries in a glass, top it with greek yoghurt (I use Chobani) and then add some granola on top.

2. Protein smoothie

I posted a recipe for my favourite protein smoothie here, but it is essentially a mix of frozen berries, banana, protein powder, water and milk.

3. Carrots with homemade hummus

Homemade hummus tastes so much better than store-bought hummus, but if I'm lazy, I'll buy some natural hummus and chop up a couple of carrots to dip into it.

4.  Fresh fruit - apples or berries

We're coming into berry season now in Tassie, so I love snacking on a bowl of fresh raspberries or strawberries. Failing that, a nice crunchy apple is always a great snack (sometimes I'll have it with a spoon of peanut or almond butter).

5. Of course, tea and coffee

No explanation needed.

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