Sunday 19 March 2017

Room for a Pony, Hobart

We were lucky enough to escape to Hobart this weekend, as Dave had a conference from Friday to Sunday, giving me a bit of time to enjoy some city life (it's all relative, and when you live in Burnie, Hobart really is the big smoke).

On Saturday, I decided to check out Room for a Pony, a cute cafe located not far from the CBD. It was a gorgeous sunny morning so I thought I'd take advantage of the outdoor seating area to soak up some sun while doing a bit of people watching of the other Saturday morning cafe-goers.

While there were a number of options on the menu that tempted me, including the pulled pork burrito, the brown rice sushi bowl and the smoothie bowl, I couldn't go past the nutella and banana brioche french toast served with vanilla ice cream. I also thought I'd skip the caffeine option (having already consumed an amazing coffee that morning from Small Fry), and so I grabbed a raspberry and watermelon cold press juice.

I started off with the juice, which was really refreshing on this warm autumnal day, before the food came out. The french toast was amazing - two pieces of bread sandwiched together with melted, gooey nutella, served with sliced bananas and vanilla ice cream. A pretty indulgent brunch option, but worth every mouthful.

While I do have a number of favourite cafes in Hobart, I'm glad that I can now add another one to the list for our next trip down south.

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