Saturday 24 March 2018

Dining out at the restaurants on Brooke St Pier, Hobart

Over the past couple of months, I have been exploring the various cafes and restaurants in Brooke St Pier, a gorgeous spot on the water in Hobart's CBD. The new Brooke St Pier opened at the beginning of 2015, and since then, a number of restaurants have opened up within the pier. It is also the spot from which the Mona Roma departs (which is the ferry that takes visitors to Mona, one of Hobart's main tourist attractions).

I have been to three of the cafes and restaurants in Brooke St Pier so far - Brooke St Larder, Aloft and The Glass House.

Brooke St Larder

I had heard that Brooke St Larder can be very at times, so I decided to head here for breakfast on a Tuesday morning one week. Arriving just after their opening time of 8am, I was pleasantly surprised to see that there were hardly any other guests there at that time, and that I was able to get a table with an amazing view over the water. It was an incredibly beautiful summer morning, so I definitely chose a good day to go.

I started off with a coffee, before ordering the cold climate Tasmanian smashed avocado, with smoked cheese curd, angel tomatoes, red mizuna, olive oil, toast, and a side of slow poached eggs.

The meal was incredibly flavoursome, and all the ingredients were extremely fresh. In particular, the slow poached eggs were perfectly cooked, and I am glad that I chose to add these to complete the dish. I can see why this cafe gets very popular throughout the day.


Dave and I decided to make a late booking at Aloft one evening after he finished a shift at 8:30pm. Arriving at 8:45pm, the restaurant was buzzing with a huge number of people, so we were lucky that we were able to get a booking at fairly short notice. After ordering an aperol spritz (and a beer for Dave), we decided we would try the seven course chef's selection, as opposed to ordering various share plates ourselves.

The chef's selection included a mix of kingfish sashimi, master stock pig's ears (interesting to try, but probably not our favourite), BBQ pork belly, drunken chicken wings, yellow fish curry (my favourite of the savoury options), Korean beef, and for dessert, condensed milk ice cream with coffee and sable (I would go back just for this incredible dish).

While the pig's ears were a pretty different experience (think chewy, crispy, salty, and a little bit mushy), all other dishes were excellent and I am very keen to go back to try a few of their other options on the standard a la carte menu (particularly the wood ear mushroom dumplings).


The Glass House

The Glass House is located directly below Aloft, so again, you are faced with stunning views of the water and, if you can get a table before sunset, it is incredibly beautiful seeing this view at the end of the day while there is still some light (which I enjoyed over a bellini rosa cocktail).

The Glass House's menu is in a similar style to that of Aloft, where each dish is designed as a share plate. We decided to get five savoury options to share, starting off with the yellowtail kingfish carpaccio, followed by Mount Rumney oyster mushrooms, the slow cooked sticky pork belly, the grass fed Cape Grim beef and the south arm pink eye potatoes.

We finished the meal with the Valrhona dark chocolate terrine. Similarly to the dishes at Aloft, each dish was very fresh, flavoursome and unique, and I would definitely recommend this spot to anyone wanting a true Tasmanian dining experience.

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