Sunday 18 March 2018

The best patisseries in Hobart

One of the things that I was most excited about when we found out we were moving to Hobart was the variety of bakeries and patisseries in this city. Over the past couple of months, I have traipsed from south to north to discover the best that Hobart has to offer in sweet treats. My top 6 picks are below.

1. Daci & Daci

I have visited Daci & Daci in the past, and knew that I had to revisit it given their array of amazing cakes, tarts, cookies, brownies and croissants. On my recent visits (yes I have been more than once in the past couple of months), I have tried their chocolate raspberry caramel crunch, their lemon lime tart, and 'Le Concorde', which is a beautiful Belgian cocoa meringue and Belgian chocolate mousse cake. All of their desserts are incredible, but their chocolate raspberry caramel crunch (which is slice with a crunchy base, a layer of chewy, gooey caramel, a velvety smooth chocolate caramel mousse, topped with a raspberry and caramel layer) is probably my pick of all the items I've tried from Hobart's patisseries.

2. Jackman & McRoss

Jackman & McRoss is probably the first bakery/patisserie I ever visited in Hobart, quite a few years ago now. They now have three stores across Hobart, but my favourite is the original in Battery Point. Tucked away on Hampden Rd, it is often bustling with locals and tourists, and both the patisserie items, as well as their dine-in meals, are worth checking out. My favourite items are the lemon curd tart, the mixed fruit tart, the chocolate croissant and the caramel slice.

3. Pigeon Hole Bakery

Pigeon Hole Bakery is a small cafe situated opposite the Royal Hobart Hospital, which can be a bit dangerous when Dave finishes work early. I have tried both the lemon meringue tart and the raspberry ganache tart, and while both delicious, the lemon meringue was the standout, and I think the best of all lemon meringue tarts that I've tried in Hobart.

4. Sweet Envy

 Sweet Envy is another small bakery tucked away in North Hobart, and while their selection is not as wide as some other patisseries, they do have some amazing cupcakes on offer. In particular, their chocolate marshmallow cupcake was delicious, and their lemon meringue (notice a theme here?) donut was an interesting and tasty twist on a regular donut.

5. Small Fry

Small Fry is a hole-in-the-wall cafe on Bathurst St, and while it is more of a cafe than a patisserie, they are famous for their incredible donuts. I had been here once before we moved to Hobart, and made another trip there a few weeks ago to pick up one of their mint slice flavoured donuts, which was incredibly fresh, with a delicious minty icing and crunchy chocolate crumble.

6. Little Missy Patisserie

The final patisserie on the list is Little Missy Patisserie, situated in North Hobart. When I went on a Wednesday around lunchtime, the place was extremely busy and it was a challenge trying to find space to stand in this small cafe. I decided to pick up a slice of their chocolate ganache cake, a lemon cookie, and a pear tart, the pick of the lot being the gooey, moist, rich-but-not-too-rich chocolate cake.

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