Sunday 23 October 2016

Exploring Tasmania's north coast

Last weekend, a friend from Sydney came down to Tassie to visit for a few days. My adventures around Tasmania usually occur whenever someone comes to visit, so in anticipation of my friend's arrival, I decided to do some research into where we could explore.

I had read that there was a scenic walk in the Bridport area, so we set out on Saturday morning to venture up there (after a visit to the farmers' markets, of course). It only took us an hour or so from Launceston to reach Bridport. We decided to park the car at the start of the walk, known as the multi-nature circuit. The walk is an 11 km circuit that takes you through four types of nature - ocean, river, forest and wildflower. It was a pretty flat walk and can be completed in less than 2 hours, so it is perfect for a leisurely weekend stroll.

Once we had completed the walk and returned to the car, we were both feeling a bit peckish, and having driven past Jansz winery on the way, we were pretty keen to stop there for a bite to eat. Unfortunately, upon arrival, we found out that Jansz doesn't actually serve lunch, but while we were tasting a few of their sparkling wines, the lovely staff recommended we try Pipers Brook Vineyard next door.

After purchasing a couple of bottles of sparking wine, we headed over to Pipers Brook for some lunch. We both decided on the ocean trout with brie, a coleslaw-style salad and some fresh, crusty garlic bread.

Once we were sufficiently fed, we headed back home (and both decided on an afternoon nap after our morning of adventuring). It never ceases to amaze me how many beautiful spots there are on our doorstep in Tassie.

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